Cleen-X Carpet and Tile Care | Carpet/Tile Cleaning | Cathedral City, CA

Business Description:
The choice of the proper cleaning system is extremely important. Our professional technicians carefully inspect the tile floor, fabric and condition of the carpet or rug before making the selection for one of the methods available. We use exclusive cleaning poducts, procedures and equipment to assure the highest level of cleaning performance. The newest technology we offer penetrates the soiled area that guarantees almost all kind of stains removal with deactivation of the odor. We also use fabric protector that improves, preserves and prolongs the color, fabric and life of the carpet or rug.

We clean and restore all natural and man made stones

We offer polished, honed, and top coat sealed finishes

We strip, clean, and reseal Mexican paver floors

We clean, and acid wash ceramic and porcelain tile, and scrub and seal the grout

We clean, seal, polish, and restore showers and counter tops

And we clean carpets, upholstery, and drapes, and offer a protective coat to limit staining in the future
Areas of Speciality:
Carpet Cleaning,Tile Cleaning,Upholstery Cleaning,Grout Cleaning, Stone Floor or Wall Cleaning, Sealing and Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, 24 Hour Water Flooding Service, Swimming Pool Walkways and Decking
California Contractors
License #847603
Payment Methods:
We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks



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